Pro Monte Pego Ball 2018


Dear Pro Monte Pego Member 

Please Note: If you wish to book a table but do not yet know the menu choices or whether your guests require coach travel, please email us at – We will keep a table reserved for you pending your complete booking.

To book your place and for your guests please follow these steps;

Step 1,  Please complete the form with your name ‘the host’ and with your table size. Choose your Main course and ‘ADD to Cart’

Step 2,  Please complete the form again for each of your guests, please still add your name ‘Host Name’ and ‘Guest Name’ then choose the main course for that guest and ‘ADD to Cart’

Step 3,  You can view your cart by clicking the Orange button to the right, go to checkout and complete your order.

Your order will be processed and completed when payment has been made either by Bank Transfer or by cash to Geoffrey BartlettChris Howard-Haggerty or Vicente Portes.

This will provide you at checkout and in your confirmation email with a list of your guests’ names and their main course choices.


Host Name *

Please enter your full name

Buzon Number *

Please provide your Buzon Number

Guest Name

Please enter the full name of the guest

Coach Transport

Please advise if you will require a seat on the coach for this guest – 5€ to be paid on the night

Your Table Size *

If you would like to book a table, please tell us how many persons in total, between 8 and 12 is possible.

Main Course *

Please choose from the options below



Dear Pro Monte Pego Member 


Payment can be made direct  to Pro Monte Pego Bank Account :

Recipient’s name:
Pro Monte Pego
Recipient’s Bank Identifier Code:
IBAN (international bank account number):
Recipient’s bank details:
Recipient’s address:
Calle Los Naranjos, 500 Buzon 1390 
Please add the subject “Buzon no. …….7th July” on your payment details 
We will then place the tickets  in your Buzon or if you do not have a buzon  you can make arrangements to collect tickets from any PMP Team Member by contacting them 
Chris Howard-Haggerty  Tel: 634 384 138‬  Email:
Geoff Bartlett Tel: 639 851 317‬ Email:
Vicente Portes Tel: 620 210 351‬ Email:

If you wish to pay by cash you give the cash to Chris, Geoff or Vicente in exchange for tickets 

The Coach Seats will be paid for on the day of the party before you board the coach

Seats can be booked on the coach leaving the Car Park near the Cova at 19:45, we would very much advise you to book this option for a safe trip home. Due to popular requests this year we will have two departure times for the coach 00:30 and 01:30 for the real party goers who want to stay as long as possible

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